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Zimmerman Truck Lines, Inc.

190 East Industrial Drive
Mifflintown PA 17059
Tel: 717-436-2141
Fax: 717-436-6101

P.O. Box 130
Mifflintown, PA 17059

Van Division

Tel: 1 800-999-2707
Fax: 717-436-6101


Flat Bed Division

Tel: 1 800-997-2707
Fax: 717-436-6836


CD Zimmerman Trucking  In the 1930’s Calvin “CD” Zimmerman knew nothing more than hard work and the pride of doing work well. With a humble beginning hauling coal at the age of 15, “CD” as he is still remembered today, proved that with hard work and dedication, any goal is attainable. In the years that followed, "CD" bought a tractor and trailer to haul lumber and other items.

 At it's peak, CD Zimmerman Trucking operated 60-plus fleet. Brick and steel provided the majority of material hauled in the Ohio Valley and northeastern United States. In the 1970's, “CD’s” son, Ron, also operated his own trucking business.

 Though father and son hauled similar products, there was never a conflict between the two, other than a typical family rivalry of “who did it best.” Ron incorporated in 1984 and started a trucking company that is now known as Zimmerman Truck Lines Inc.


Team Drivers Wanted  Upon CD's death, CD Zimmerman Trucking and Zimmerman Truck Lines merged and formed one company in 1994.

 On the East Coast, Ron built a brand new facility where we are now located today. With his daughter, Robin involved in operations and driver relations and his son Mark, Vice President of Operations, it is truly a family run business
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Today we are a strong trucking company with over 200 trucks that run all 48 states, but still focus on what made us successful. We are a strong knit community of employees and customers.

 We have many employees both driving and in our office that have been with Zimmerman’s from 10 to 25 years. We offer the most up to date equipment to our drivers, a comfortable work environment to our office staff, and excellent service to our customers.

 We still believe in the work ethic instilled by CD Zimmer-man over 75 years ago and will continue honoring it for years to come.

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