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Sonny Dobson, Parts Manager, Retires after 42 years

  • Sonny Dobson, Parts Manager, Retires after 42 years
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Sonny Dobson, Parts Manager, Retires after 42 years

Posted On: May 31, 2019

Zimmerman Truck Repairs long-time parts manager retired on May 31 after more than 42 years of service to the company. The combined Zimmemran companies celebrated what was christened “Sonny Dobson Day.” Many people from the ZTL family, former co-workers, and outside vendors who worked with Sonny were on hand. A catered lunch was served. Sonny received a $4,000 gift certificate toward an all expenses paid hunting and/or fishing trip to anywhere of his choice. Hunting and fishing are Sonny’s favorite hobbies and he’s sure to enjoy what could be the dream trip of a lifetime.

Sonny Dobson

When asked what’s changed in the last 42 years, Sonny exclaimed, “Everything! The trucks have changed, the parts have changed, the systems for tracking and ordering parts have changed, and the mechanics have changed. Although today,” he continued, “we have a pretty good crew in our shop. They know what they’re doing and they get the job done.”

Sonny said he is retiring because of his health. but he quickly added, “I have no regrets.” Referring to the Zimmerman family, he said, “Caddy, Ron, and Mark – they’ve all treated me well. It was fun and I never felt like I was coming to work. You know what they say, ‘If you like what you’re doing, it isn’t work at all.’”