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Veterans Recognized; Will Receive Weekly Bonus

  • Veterans Recognized; Will Receive Weekly Bonus
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Veterans Recognized; Will Receive Weekly Bonus

Posted On: February 4, 2019

Zimmerman Truck Lines has created a new way to show appreciation for veterans and their service — and we’ve kicked it off with a new media campaign. Starting on January 22nd local radio stations began airing advertisements announcing that veterans with a CDL Class A license will start at ZTL at a pay level equivalent to their number of years of service.

Listen to the 60 second version of the ad here:

Current driver employees who are veterans will also receive a boost in pay. To qualify a person needs an to have received an honorable discharge.

For current drivers who are veterans, the pay increase will be based on a formula. This additional amount will appear as a separate “veterans bonus,” though the exact wording as it will appear on pay vouchers has not yet been finalized.

This will all be effective with the pay period starting Sunday February 3, 2019 and will begin to appear in paychecks on February 15th. There are no limits as to how long, or how long ago a person served to qualify for the veterans bonus. You only need to be a driver who is a veteran employed by ZTL with an honorable discharge.

“I seriously believe in the valuable contribution of the men and women who serve our country,” said Mark Zimmerman, COO. “This is our company’s way to show appreciation to these employees and the community of veterans who are drivers — and do it in the most meaningful way we know. And this will be in effect permanently — for as long as someone is employed as a driver at ZTL.”