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ZTL in the National Media Spotlight

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ZTL in the National Media Spotlight

Posted On: June 3, 2019

Not one, but two national news organizations were here recently to talk about the current state of the economy, trade tariffs, and how they are affecting the trucking industry. CNBC was the first to arrive on May 22nd. Reporter Frank Holland visited Mustang Expediting in Aston, PA, then a crew followed up at ZTL.

Mark Zimmerman, COO, was the only trucking executive interviewed in the final two and a half minute report. The report ran in various formats on CNBC throughout the day starting with a live remote from Mustang at 6:30 AM on Friday May 24th. The entire piece ran on PBS’ Nightly Business Report (which is produced by CNBC) later that evening.

“No one was more surprised than me,” Mark said about the call that lead up to the scheduled interview. “We had less than 24 hours notice.” The actual interview was done in Ron’s office. “They sent their most senior field producer,” Mark said, “and the reporter actually asked his questions over the phone.”

You can watch the entire CNBC report here:

One week to the day after the CNBC visit, CNN sent one of their most experienced reporters, Martin Savidge, to Zimmerman Truck Lines to learn more about the impact of trade tariffs on the trucking business. Just like CNBC the week before, they interviewed Mark Zimmerman, but Shop Manager Jeremy Wilson also got three seconds of fame driving one of ZTL’s trucks.

CNN’s crew also branched out and talked to local residents as well. They visited The Clubhouse Grill on Parkside Court, just a stone’s throw over the hill from the ZTL terminal. There they talked to several local residents. In addition to the business aspect, the report covered local reactions to President Trump’s trade policies.

The report, which aired on Friday morning May 31st, is almost three minutes long. In addition to shots around ZTL, there is some beautiful aerial footage of the Juniata Valley and the footbridge connecting Mifflin and Mifflintown. The entire piece aired on CNN’s morning show “New Day” at 7:45 that morning and ran again periodically over the next 12 hours.

You can see the entire CNN piece here: