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Real Time Dispatch Tools

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Real Time Dispatch Tools

24 hours per day, 365 days per year our IT systems are always in touch with our drivers and their cargo.  Electronic dispatch with load tracking, fuel and routing optimization, and automatic shipment updates via EDI give Zimmerman customers the confidence their shipment will be there on time.

Our Dispatch Tools Feature:

  • Computerized mileage and directions, for the most accurate rating miles.
  • All dispatching is sent electronically with every loading/unloading detail to ensure our drivers’ jobs are done in the most informed and efficient manner.
  • Systems keep drivers informed of all current loading procedures and any last minute changes.
  • Integrated GPS tracking systems allow customers to track their shipments, 24 hours-a-day over the Internet.
  • Electronic Driver Logs assure safe operations and provide drivers and dispatchers with continuous status updates.